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Benefits for Authors:

The single biggest benefit for you, the author, is that you will have complete control over your own book. From formatting it to how much you sell it for, the decision is yours to make. Of course, there’s a lot more to retail.mylocalbazaar than just this.

The second biggest plus point is that you get the lion’s share of the sales of each book. We at retail.mylocalbazaar decided to invert the profit sharing model that is currently being used by publishing houses the world over. With us, you get 75 per cent of the proceeds, while we take 25 per cent.

Thirdly, we are here to help you at anytime – all you need to do is ask! Should you choose, we will add the icing on your literary cake, which can make or break your book. From designing a cover to simply formatting the content, we are willingly to do all for you. And considering how much a traditional publishing house can charge for their services, ours will seem like a bargain.

When you upload content on retail.mylocalbazaar, you will be retaining your copyright, but will be granting the portal the right to display, disseminate, copy and sell the content within the limitations you put on your online publishing process. Also, you are giving Retail Mylocalbazaar the right to alter, excerpt, edit, remove or reject content if the latter violates any condition set below.

Last, but not the least, is reaching out to readers. While hard copy books are still great (we read them too, sometimes!), they have their limitations. For one, you’re readership is limited to how many copies you can afford to print, which also limits how many people it can reach. An ebook, however, can be distributed as many times as you want, and you don’t even have to spend a single penny. And more importantly, thanks to the Internet, ebooks can potentially have a worldwide audience! No matter where someone is in the world, they will always have access to what you write, anytime and anywhere.

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